Ferrari 812 GTS


Car colour: Red (Rosso Corsa)
Engine type: V12
KM: 1.000 km
Category: Cabrio (2 places)
First registration: March 2021
Latest service date: October 2022
Full service history: Yes
Previous owners: 1
Accident free: Yes
Engine size: 6.5
Tyre condition: New condition
Spare key: Yes
HP: 799 CV (588 kw)
Average consumption: 15 l/100 km (combined)
Price: 409.999€

Ferrari 812 GTS

My name is Valeria

V12 engine: other brands do it and they are very pleasant but Ferrari… Ferrari is something else. It is not about the power, it is not the noise or the prompt response and it is not the combination of all that makes it so special. You have to experience it to believe it.

The power of the engine is insane. It develops with ferocity and richness, and it really impacts every time you touch the accelerator, no matter how briefly or slightly, you feel a deep connection and appreciate, once again, how special an engine can be.

And that is only one facet of this 812 GTS. In terms of design, it is gorgeous: harmony of curves, dynamic lines on the sides, a multitude of elements in carbon fiber, its retractible hard top, perfect proportions and a stunning Rosso Corsa exterior combined with a Cuoio interior. All these factors together give that unique aggressive and very sexy look.

This 812 GTS is available at Rosso Corsa Marbella.


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