Ferrari 458 Italia


Car colour: Black (Nero Daytona)
Engine size: 4.5
KM: 61.400 km
Category: Coupe (2 places)
First registration: January 2011
Current registration: Spain
Latest service date: October 2022
Full service history: Yes
Previous owners: 1
Accident free: Yes
Engine type: V8
Tyre condition: New condition
Spare key: Yes
HP: 570 CV (420 kw)
Average consumption: 13.3 l/100 km (combined)
Price: 185.999€

Ferrari 458 Italia

My name is Puma

If the Earth is too small for you, why don’t you take a rocket? Ferrari 458 Italia is a super aerodynamic coupé that will become your favourite from the first second!!

Its gorgeous Nero exterior makes this car the most attractive futuristic machine. Scuderia Ferrari shields and yellow brake calipers stand out beautifully, giving an even more sophisticated vibe! The interior is all covered in black alcantara & leather – a killer look!!

Needless to say, this 458 Italia is amazingly powerful… 570 cv capable of reaching a maximum speed of 325 km/h! Its design is especially thought for a genuine racing experience.

The most advanced automotive engeenering meets aviation technology in a vehicle exclusively made for drivers with serious intentions! Ferrari 458 Italia is OUT OF THIS WORLD!

*Vehicle with Spanish registration*

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